High School Counselors

Making you AWARE of high school counselors...

Here is a list of high school counselors in the Anderson County School System by school. Look at the list closely to make sure you find the correct counselor for your child's grade level and alphabetical grouping.

Anderson County High School

Tiffany Braafladt-Bale            tbale@acs.ac           Students in 10th - 12th grades, A-F
Becky Campbell                    bcampbell@acs.ac   Students in 10th - 12th grades, G-O
Kayce Scott                           kscott@acs.ac          Students in 10th - 12th grades, P-Z
Jenny Martin                          jmartin@acs.ac         All students in 9th grade A-Z    

Clinton High School

Carrie Jenkins                      cjenkins@acs.ac       Students A-E
Debbie Hawk                        dhawk@acs.ac         Students F-L
Mary Tuskan                        mdtuskan@acs.ac     Students M-R
Melissa Fey                          mfey@acs.ac            Students S-Z

Clinch River Community School

Sharifa Love                        slove@acs.ac            

Innovation Academy

Sheila Skeans                     sskeans@acs.ac