Elementary School Counselors

Making you AWARE of Elementary School Counselors....

The following list includes the names and contact information for each elementary school's counselor. Please contact the counselor at your child's school to obtain their scheduled office hours.

Andersonville       Jessica Harris      jharris@acs.ac
Briceville      Kristin Parrott      kparrott@acs.ac 
Claxton      Debbie Phillips      dphillips@acs.ac 
Dutch Valley      Katie Harold      kharold@acs.ac 
Fairview      Kristin Parrott      kparrott@acs.ac 
Grand Oaks      Rhonda Cross      rscross@acs.ac 
Lake City      Angela Martin      amartin@acs.ac 
Norris      Jessica Harris      jharris@acs.ac 
Norwood     Ashley Sutton      asutton@acs.ac